Afghan Carpet Bag

This charming knotted-pile carpet bag from Afghanistan is probably of Baluch workmanship. The sombre colours typical of Baluch textiles are punctuated here by a bright orange design that features a very geometric rendition of the bereket motif. Because the bereket is a combination of the elibelinde and ram's horn motifs, thus uniting male and female fertility, it is often found in woven items that would have been used in the household after marriage. The beautiful row of intact pom-poms or tassels helps to identify the bag's primary orientation.

Knotted-pile carpet bags such as this were woven as dowry pieces and used in the home (or, in earlier times, in the nomad's tent), usually hung on a wall, to store household items or valuables.

The bag can be hung on a wall or the back of a chair as a striking accent piece, or, by filling it with stuffing and stitching the opening, it can be turned into a fabulous cushion to lounge on.

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Size: 1'11'' x 3'10''

Age: 20-25 years old

Material: Wool

Product Code: A09-044

Price: Rs14,000

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