Afghan Kalainav Kilim Bag

This striking kilim saddlebag from Afghanistan features several rows of geometric motifs in bright hues. The orange, primary motif band in each bag is a combination of the running water pattern (a symbol of life) and geometrically rendered ram's horn symbols (a symbol of male fertility and strength) nestled in each wave's trough. The wider, darker band features more ram's horn motifs interlocked in a sharp fence pattern.

The repeated occurrence of male motifs is not surprising in a saddlebag kilim. In between these dominant bands, however, are smaller rows of diamond-shaped motifs. They are protective emblems, possibly burdock burrs, suggesting that the weaver trusted in her man's prowess as a rider, but also wished to keep him safe on his travels.

With both bags stuffed and stitched, this item could make a great floor cushion, with one bag against the wall as a backrest.

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Size: 2'2'' x 4'11''

Age: 30-35 years

Material: Wool

Product Code: A09-047

Price: Rs21,000

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