Afghan Mashwani Kilim

The main field in this Mashwani kilim from Afghanistan is unusually bright and colourful, featuring a densely patterned design of pink and orange diamonds. Small crosses are encased in the smaller cells, while a more complex motif (possibly derived from the Turkish bereket or the Turkmen gul) adorns the centre of the larger diamond forms. The inner guard stripe is made up of a continuous ram's horn motif, while the elegant main border contains a bold X motif. The long fringes are also typical of Mashwani kilims.

The Mashwani are a nomadic tribe scattered across Afghanistan. They owe much of their weaving heritage to their Baluch neighbours, from whom they adopted repetitive geometric patterns and the habit of weaving kilims in a combination of different techniques: weft-faced patterning (a type of flatweave), weft wrapping (soumak) and knotted pile.

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Size: 3'0'' x 5'0''

Age: circa 1980

Material: Wool

Product Code: SC23

Price: Rs25,000

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