Afschar Three Diamonds

This is an example of a beautiful Afshar weaving with an extensive range of lovely old colours, including a wonderful light blue, green and deep yellow. Possibly up to 20 natural colours have been used but while the selvedges have been redone, they have probably not used organic colours. This magnificently coloured rug from southern Persia shows a strong Caucasian influence. No other restoration seems to have been done on this rug.

The Afshars in the province of Kerman in the south of Iran are particularly well known for their rugs. Typical motifs used include small “botehs” arranged in grids, possibly originating from the production of scarves and shawls. Three diamonds – two large and one small – are placed in the central field, surrounded by a magnificent barber pole inner minor border with vividly colourful rosettes along the outer major border. The four spandrels contain simple geometric diagonals. Numerous stars and zoomorphic forms are used as attractive fillers in the central field.

The districts of Hashtrood and Khamseh in northwest Iran are now populated by the Shahsavan and Afshar tribes of Turkmen origin. Originally to be found in the west of Lake Urmia, where they got land from Shah Abbas in the beginning of the seventeenth century, the Afshars are presently spread all over Iran due to major migrations under Nadir Shah, who used to be an Afshar himself.

Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 3'11'' x 5'8''

Age: Late 19th century

Material: Wool

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