Afyon Kilim with Butterfly Motif

Uncommon in pattern and colouration, this charming kilim from Afyon Karahisar province eschews the diagonal lines and diamond motifs that are so common in Anatolian slit-woven kilims. Instead, straight bands separate rows of the dominant geometric pattern-a serrated horizontal stack appearing in red, white and pink. The stack is a quadrangular rendition of a form characteristic of the Afyon region-the parmakli or finger pattern. Close inspection reveals small S-shape or double hook symbols inside each stack and, nestled in the centre, a highly unusual butterfly motif.

Afyon lies in western Anatolia and was known in Ottoman times for the production of opium. Indeed, the word “afyon” means opium in Turkish.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Size: 4'4'' x 6'9''

Age: 40 - 65 years old

Material: Wool

Product Code: A76-002

Price: Rs47,500

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