Agra Jail Elephant and Peacock Carpet

A curious oddity in the market are the Jail carpets. Woven by prisoners in Agra jails, this rare, highly sought after carpet is among the very best of Agra production. Made under British supervision, it reflects an eccentric combination of classical Persian, Turkish and Mughal designs. The colour palette is stunning, surprisingly contemporary in its use of mustard and pink. The border replete with the mighty elephant and the beautiful peacock surrounds a glorious floral central field where accent colours of yellow and blue are used to dramatic effect.

Created in captivity, it is fascinating that this carpet can rival those woven by the free nomads of Central Asia, Persia and Anatolia.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 4'0'' x 6'6''

Age: 70-80 years

Material: cotton

Product Code: A10-020

Price: Rs76,000

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