Antalya Dosemealti

The finest contemporary and highest quality wool carpets, currently made in Turkey, are produced in a town near Antalya, called Dosemealti. Hand woven by semi-nomadic tribes who produce the wool and dyes themselves. This gorgeous piece, woven in deep shades of peach and grey, is replete with protective symbolism. In the central field, marked by a double-ended prayer niche, is the ubiquitous tree-of-life motif. In the borders, eagle wings (signifying freedom), arrows (signifying courage), and scorpions (signifying honour), ram's horns (signifying masculinity and leadership).

A stunning piece for an elegant home, anywhere in the world.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Size: 3'10'' x 6'0''

Age: New

Material: wool

Product Code: AR0310

Price: Rs40,000

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