Antalya Yoruk Carpet

The finest contemporary and highest quality wool carpets currently made in Turkey are produced in Antalya. Made by semi-nomadic Yoruk tribes, the design is mainly geometric, bearing a distant resemblance to Caucasian carpets. This stunning piece is a characteristic Yoruk with the border composed of a large band between two/ four thinner bands decorated with repeat geometric stars. The field design is composed of a number of diamond and hooked-star shapes enclosed in hexagons and hooked boxes. Colour is one of the most predominant and pleasing characteristics of Yoruk carpets. Deep peach, blue and white are predominant, accented by pink, yellow and green.

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Country of Origin: Turkey

Size: 3'11'' x 5'6''

Age: 10-15 years

Material: wool

Product Code: AR0317

Price: Rs47,000

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