Antique Caucasian Chajli Carpet

A striking example of a Chajli Caucasian rug, this rug was woven in the Baku region, probably in a village called Chila. A weaving of this type is illustrated in Schurmann's "Caucasian Rugs" (plate 76) and attributed to the village of Chajli, situated in the hilly district southwest of Şamaxı (Shemakha). Designs with three medallions are the most popular, usually on a red field and, less commonly, on blue ground or even white. The sizes are practical and can fit a long and narrow living room space. There are almost no signs of any repair as these have been preserved in boxes, being taken out only for very special occasions.

The white wool in the centre panel is unbleached hence looks the way nature intended it to. Natural, organic dyes have been used and the colours are all strong and beautiful. The rug has that village product feel – limp but strong and supple. These rugs show a strong Turkoman connection and the octagon fills of this particular rug show the characteristic tauk nauska guls (centre and outside) with kochanak (side) adjoined. There appears to be a strong shamanic connection evidenced in this piece. The octagon centres have a vibrant personality and the rug exudes a primitive tribalism. The timeless charm of these traditional carpets lies in their being lovingly handcrafted and distinctive.

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

Size: 4'0'' x 9'9''

Age: Mid 19th century

Material: Wool

Product Code: A49-032

Price: Rs600,000

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