Ball-and-Chain Moroccan Bronze Ceiling Lamp

This spectacular ceiling lamp from Fes in Morocco defies description. Its multiform design includes a large sphere at the apex supporting three smaller spheres, which in turn carry the main body of the light fixture (vaguely reminiscent of an upturned shell), below which is a nest of concentric cylinders and cones, from which hangs yet another sphere. Challenging all notions of stylistic homogeneity and compositional convention, it can both amuse and awe the viewer. This highly original hanging lamp comes into its own at night, bringing about a subtle dialogue of shadows between the intricately decorated shell and the half-illuminated orbs hovering above it. The shell’s parchment lining diffuses the light evenly to reveal a geometric pattern surrounded by arabesques.

Moroccan ceiling lamps, which are made of brass, bronze or copper, are known for their elaborate metalwork decoration, and for casting characteristic patterns of light and shadow. When illuminated at night, they bestow on the surrounding interior space an exotic and alluring personality, and invariably set the mood for the social events unfolding below them.

The height of the ceiling lamp may be adjusted by removing one or more rings from the chain. Electrical fittings are included. Bulbs are not included.

Country of Origin: Morocco

Size: 105.5cm x 71cm

Weight: c4kg

Product Code: A48-006

Price: Rs85,000

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