Baluch Kilim Runner with Kutchi Design

Though probably made by Baluch weavers in Afghanistan, this elegant, striking kilim runner betrays the strong influence of a design belonging to a neighbouring tribe of nomads, the Kutchi. Kutchi kilims have a consistent look: diamond-shaped medallions are enclosed in a field by a three-coloured crenellated border, and by a second border containing square geometric motifs, with a zigzag pattern along the selvedges.

Here, however, the palette typifies Baluch tastes in colour, featuring dark reds with ivory elements. And the usual Kutchi square motifs in the inner border have been replaced by eight-point stars, which are common in Turkic and Caucasian textiles.

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Size: 12'1'' x 5'1''

Age: circa 1940

Material: Wool

Product Code: A10-135

Price: Rs115,000

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