Berber Hooded Akhnif Cape

A rare and authentic Berber shepherd's hooded cape or shawl (salham) that ranks among the most magnificent weavings in Morocco. Made by the Ait Ouaouzguite tribe, the akhnif has two major design sections: the first is the black plainwoven field decorated with Berber talismanic tattoos and symbols. The second is the red 'half moon' or eye as protection against the evil eye. The motif in the centre is that of a lizard, which with its sharp tongue pierces evil.

Handwoven on an upright loom from goat's hair, this large robe is a fascinating piece of collectible textile art.

Country of Origin: Morocco

Size: 2.4m width, 1.6m length

Material: Wool (goat's hair)

Age: Probably late 20th century

Product Code: AR0003

Price: Rs34,000

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