Berber Niello Cross Pendant

A hand-crafted, silver Berber cross, etched with niello (a black metal mixture used as an inlay on engraved or etched metal). It is believed to embody a pre-Islamic magical power, invoking either fertility or protection against evil spirits. The centre of the cross represents our oneness with God, while the four arms are believed to neutralise any malign influences by dispersing them to the four corners of the world. The design can also be interpreted as having five sections. In that case, it could also represent the talismanic hamsa, also known as the hand of Fatima.

This pendant is provided on a complimentary suede or fabric thread (not shown in the photo).

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Country of Origin: Morocco

Size: 7.7cm x 7cm

Weight: 39.8g

Product Code: AR0109

Price: Rs4,800

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