Berber Symbol Kilim Ottoman

Berber symbols are included in the design of everyday objects (as in the Berber kilim used for the top of this ottoman) to protect the object as well as the person who uses it. This soft Berber kilim stands out in its starkness and raw simplicity. Made from 100% pure sheep wool, the shaded peachy orange ground has a symbolic bird motif in black. The combination of colours could perhaps signify tribal belief in life and death, earthly existence and ascendance into heaven.

This Moroccan belief in barakah, loosely interpreted as “the positive power of the saints and the Sufi brotherhoods” is strongly reflected in Berber kilims through the use of symbols, designs, motifs, colors and techniques that protect the object, creator and user. Traditionally, kiims were made solely for personal use. This means that every symbol, motif and pattern means something special to the weaver – perhaps a wish for fertility, the celebration of a marriage or birth, or an ode to the landscape of a particular region.

The sides of the ottoman are covered by plain black fabric with a bottom border from the same Berber kilim.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 38cm diameter, 47cm height

Weight: 6.1kg

Product Code: A01-059

Price: Rs10,000

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