Bibi Khannum Samarkand Watercolour Calligraphy

Inspired by exquisite 14th century calligraphy on the Bibi Khannum Mosque in Samarkand. Each replica is a tribute to the art of writing, so highly revered and patronized during the Timurid period. Using watercolours, the artist has masterfully captured what is most likely the ornamental thuth script and recreated the three dimensional quality of Samarkand blue tile mosaic. Notice how beauty and grandeur are delicately balanced using stylized cursive writing and extremely fine floral patterns.

Sold unframed but mounted, and signed by the artist on the reverse.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: Mount 31cm x 42cm; Painting 25cm x 9cm

Material: Watercolour paints

Product Code: A59-001

Price: Rs3,500

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