Birds and Flowers Andijan Suzani

This vintage suzani from Uzbekistan features a simple design of birds perched in a flowering tree, set against a black background that has faded to grey over time. It has a handmade tape border made by local Tajik women. With its rectangular shape and vertical orientation, this suzani lends itself well to being a playful wall decoration in a narrow space, or as a runner on a rectangular table. The Urm or chain stitch has been used—an embroidery technique in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern. Because chain stitches can form flowing, curved lines, they are used in many surface embroidery styles that mimic "drawing" in thread.

Suzanis (from suzan, the Persian word for “needle”) are embroidered dowry textiles made in Central Asia. These quilts—usually embroidered with silk on a cotton base—were used to decorate the home, and to cover beds, tables and chests. According to custom, a suzani was started when a girl was born, in preparation for her wedding. Favourite motifs include the tree of life, the pomegranate (a symbol of abundance and fertility), floral patterns with tulips and carnations, and evil eye amulets.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 4'0'' x 1'4''

Age: circa 1950

Product Code: A62-016

Price: Rs7,500

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