Black and Beige Ikat and Suzani Cushion

The front and back of this eye-catching cushion are of black and beige ikat from Uzbekistan, with the centre being a piece of Uzbek suzani embroidery. The cushion is a fantastic illustration of the embroidery skills and decorative pattern work of Uzbekistan, some of the most iconic of Central Asia.

In Uzbekistan, ikat is also known as "abr", meaning "cloud-like" in Persian. Employing techniques similar to those used in Orissa, patterns and motifs appear to float above the textile, while their edges softly blend into the body of the cloth, resembling a cloud. The effect of abr dyeing is often that a design looks as if out of focus – a chance combination of spots, iridescent haloes and dark vibrating contours of a design creates a delightful illusion of the play of colours. Many of the Uzbek examples of embroidery show influences from India, China, Iran and the nomadic peoples of Eurasia. In this particular cushion we've added to this melting pot of ideas, cultures and religions, by bordering it with handmade braid from a Moroccan djellaba robe.

The cushion filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 12'' x 12''

Product Code: A01-179

Price: Rs2,400

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