Black Border Crosses Gabbeh Carpet

A highly minimalist gabbeh, undoubtedly the product of a Qashqai or Luri nomad. A salt and pepper field in undyed white, grey and golden-yellow wool, framed by a proportionately wide and uneven brownish black border, filled with negative white undyed wool crosses formed by sets of four checkerboard squares. A similar formation of a dozen crosses and other icons is skilfully placed on the field in pale yellowish-golden wool, almost invisible in its subtle presentation. Beautifully oily and shiny wool. Strong floppy handle and high pile. Only natural dyes have been used.

Gabbeh rugs, along with Shiraz and Belouche, are usually of primitive design, and of limited colour range with reds and blues predominating. Tribal weavings are made of coarse, (although not necessarily poor quality) yarn, by nomadic tribes-people, who weave a wool pile onto a wool warp and weft, on a ground (horizontal), loom. As these wandering tribes move from pasture to pasture, the loom is collapsed and then re-pitched every time they set up camp. Because the wool is inclined to "recover", having been under tension, it is difficult to re-create the same loom settings, so the rugs made on such primitive looms often feature an irregular shape. Many buyers view this imperfection as a highly individualistic and pleasant change in our modern productions, with their machine-made perfection and cold symmetry.

Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 3'2'' x 4'7''

Age: Mid to late 20th century

Material: Wool

Product Code: A49-045

Price: Rs60,000

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