Black and Gold Turkmen Embroidered Canvas Cushion Cover

Beautiful red, yellow, white and black embroidery from Turkmenistan is overlaid on a gold block-printed black canvas to make this one-of-a-kind large cushion.

Turkmen embroidery is traditionally believed to provide a magical protection through birth, childhood, marriage and later life. Different stitches – such as akgaima, kojime and ilme (or chain stitching) – are used in garments such as gowns (including the ceremonial chypry), tyubeteykas (a central Asian cap) and women’s head mantles. Here we have lifted some colourful patterns to make this unique design from our collection of Turkmen-embroidered large cushions – each piece a great way to enhance your home décor with an authentic ethnic talking-point!

Country of Origin: India

Size: 24in x 24in

Product Code: A20-074

Price: Rs5,500

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