Blue Ikat and Bekasam Ottoman

A wonderfully graphic, handwoven Uzbek ikat, also known as Adras, wraps around this round ottoman most attractively. The play of subtle and strong shades of blue illustrates the story of the weaver who started inventing new patterns by looking at clouds and flowers, reflected in water. The ikat effect is achieved by using bindings, which are resistant to dye penetration, being applied to the threads in the desired patterns and then dyeing the threads. The dyes used are natural dyes. Covering the top, the boldly striped, semi-silk bekasam fabric - a fabric that is for everyday use in Uzbekistan - perfectly complements the glowing blues of the Uzbek ikat. The two borders along the top and half-way down the side are handmade Uzbek borders.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 61cm diameter, 29cm height

Weight: 9.360kg

Product Code: A01-158

Price: Rs14,000

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