Blue Nepalese Rari Rug

This striking blue rari rug from Nepal is a wonderful example of weaving from this Himalayan region. In this soft rug, knot boxes, embroidered in different shades of blue, cover the central field with long blue wool fringes at both ends.

An essential part of every Nepalese home, the rari is an important part of the dowry and is put to many uses–most often as a rug or a blanket. Its traditional use was more ritual in nature. Traditionally, white, beige or brown wool was used, or dyed and used; black wool was considered too valuable to risk spoiling with dyes and was used in its natural colour. Today’s artisans hand-embroider these rugs like tapestries with colourful wool or cotton threads, transforming the rari into a special piece worthy of beautifying any 21st century living space.

Country of Origin: Nepal

Size: 3'0'' x 6'5''

Age: New

Material: Wool (yak's wool)

Product Code: A66-032

Price: Rs36,000

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