Brass Inlay Book Ends

An intricate and functional amalgamation of delicate wood carving and brass inlay work. The central motif is the stylised paisley form known as boteh jegheh in Persian and ambi in India (referring to its mango shape). The paisleys are interconnected with intricate floral vines and a floral border at its end. These brass inlay book ends are a must-have piece of handicraft that is rarely seen in the market owing to just a handful of artisans remaining who have the skill, ancestral knowledge and, perhaps more significantly, the passion to execute it.

Brass inlay is rare artisanship that amalgamates two different crafts, and reverses the traditional printing block so the brass is inlaid into the wood. From a sheesham wood base the basic design is carved and different sized pens used to create the bigger cuts and the smaller dots before the edges are smoothed. Brass wires are then inlaid, by hammering them into pattern flush within the surface. Brasses of separate gauges are used: the thicker gauges for the strong outlines and the finer gauges for intricate design details.

Although just one piece is illustrated, this is a set of two book ends and is a select piece by a master craftsman and award-winning ‘shilpguru’ especially for Arastan.

Country of Origin: India

Size: Height 21cm; Width 17cm; Depth 15cm

Weight: 2.0kg

Product Code: SB0002

Price: Rs7,000

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