Bukhara Praise Calligraphy

A framed miniature calligraphy panel, hand worked by a seventh generation miniature painter and calligraphist from Bukhara. The tradition of miniatures in Central Asia dates back to the reign of Tamerlane (1370-1405), while calligraphy associated with geometric Islamic art (arabesque) flourished even earlier as seen on the walls and ceilings of mosques as well as on the page. Contemporary artists, like this one, combine the two art forms, drawing on their respective heritage to create non-scriptural calligraphic inscriptions. The work is done using various brushes and pencils, gold and silver leaf, and much is performed under a magnifying glass.

The calligraphy on this piece praises God - 'Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim', meaning 'In the name of Allah, most Beneficient, most Merciful'.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: frame 44cm x 36cm; calligraphy 27cm x 20cm

Product Code: AR0228

Price: Rs10,000

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