Burmese Naga Hornbill Shawl Ottoman

A one of a kind ottoman covered by an original and unusual handwoven Naga shawl, most likely belonging to the Regma tribe, from the remote border of Nagaland in North-east India and Burma (Myanmar). Shawls, such as this one, have been worn as indications of tribal belonging and status. They are traditionally embroidered using a porcupine needle. The use of animal, bird (such as the hornbill, a revered bird), and weapon motifs are symbolic of bravery and courage. In this shawl, the mithun or buffalo indicates the wealth of the wearer because only the rich could afford to keep or sacrifice it.

The tassels along two sides of the ottoman also belonged to the original shawl. The sides are plain black upholstery fabric.

We also have one other matching Naga shawl ottoman.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 58cm square, 32cm height

Weight: 9.1kg

Product Code: A01-065

Price: Rs15,000

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