Burmese Zantu Chin Cerise Table Runner

This black cotton table runner with bright pink and lime green patterning is a creation of the Burmese Zantu (or Sunghtu) Chin sub-tribe. Originally woven as a shoulder cloth the body of this piece is charcoal black with thin mustard lines. Small rectangles of green with bright pink diamond icons are woven through the length ending in striking borders. The patterns on this piece were created using a supplementary weft technique.

The Chin typically create their textiles on back strap looms using cotton or hemp that are dyed with locally available natural dyes. Traditionally Chin women dress in shawls wrapped around the waist as a long skirt that is belted with strands of glass or metal beads. They use a piece of decorated cloth to cover the chest and a shoulder cloth that is draped over the shoulders and hangs in the front of the body.

Country of Origin: Myanmar/Burma

Size: 198cm x 32cm

Material: Cotton

Product Code: A46-145

Price: Rs1,500

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