Burnt Gold African Zulu Beaded Necklace

This elegant African Zulu necklace is created using a stunning combination of green, aqua, peach and burnt gold coloured beads which signify faithfulness and bliss. It is handcrafted using hundreds of small glass seed beads by a NGO in South Africa and would complement both Indian and Western wear.

Zulu bead jewellery is not only beautiful but also rich in tradition and cultural meaning. The largest tribe in Southern Africa, the Zulus, especially women, are renowned for their skilful beadwork. Traditionally beadwork conveyed messages in its design and use of colour relating to courtship or marriage. The NGO which Arastan works with is trying to retain this craft by encouraging Zulu women to create aesthetically designed contemporary necklaces.

Country of Origin: South Africa

Size: full length 82cm

Weight: 73.49g

Material: Glass Beads - green, aqua, peach, burnt gold

Product Code: A43-008

Price: Rs1,750

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