Chinese Wedding Carriage Cross-Stitch Table Runner

This dramatic and colourful table runner has embroidered motifs of people, houses, chickens and other birds, as well as a bride in her wedding carriage. Originally intended as a wedding pillow, it was embroidered by the skilled and creative hands of craftswomen from amongst the South China minorities. In rural areas, cross-stitch was usually in indigo blue thread on coarse white cotton. With minimal colours these can be particularly striking with complicated designs.

Wedding pillows are traditionally part of a Chinese bride's dowry (jiàzhu?ng), which is either given on the day of the betrothal or a few days before the wedding. Chinese dowry typically includes pillows, blankets and bed sheets.

Country of Origin: China

Size: 100cm x 34cm

Product Code: A46-067

Price: Rs4,000

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