Chunky Engraved Karen Silver Ring

Handmade from 92% pure silver, this chunky ring has been meticulously hand carved by the Karen hill tribes from the mountainous region of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Curving smoothly from two broad ends to a narrow middle, with deeply engraved lines that give it a three-dimensional look, this ring has a weighty yet elegantly simple appearance.

The Karen hill tribes’ skill and craftsmanship at making fine and distinctive silver jewellery goes back centuries. They painstakingly roll, shape and engrave their jewellery by hand, using traditional methods with the simplest of tools. The Karen people work with silver much purer than sterling silver (92.5%). Karen jewellery has a distinctive weight, matte sheen, and satin finish that only comes from using such fine quality silver. Read more about the Karen Hill Tribe

Country of Origin: Thailand

Size: 20 (US 10, UK T½)

Weight: 8.7g

Material: Silver 97-99% purity

Product Code: A01-017

Price: Rs1,800

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