Cicim Kilim with Diamond Motif in Pink

This cicim kilim from eastern Anatolia features a simple central field composed of wavy coloured bands, sandwiched between two skirts that are busily decorated with a repetitive diamond design. Within each diamond is a cross with protruding arrows. The overall composition of this motif suggests a protective symbol, such as the burdock burr, or a highly stylised star (a sign of happiness). The double-pointed arrows may also recall the animal fetter motif, which symbolizes union, constancy, and commitment to the family.

The raised surface of the bright thread used to create the motifs in the skirts can easily be mistaken for embroidery. In fact, the patterns are created with a supplementary weft (usually using a thicker yarn) interlaced into the fabric during the weaving process. This technique is known as cicim in Turkey.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Size: 3'3'' x 5'5''

Age: 40 - 65 years old

Material: Wool

Product Code: A76-013

Price: Rs36,000

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