Classic Tibetan Triple Medallion Carpet

The three medallions in this classic example of a much-loved Tibetan design are equal in diameter and constructed with an intricate combination of geometric shapes and skeletons (a Tantric theme) against a black field. The medallions are surrounded by a Greek key (meander) pattern in the corners of the field and in the inner border.

The triple-medallion design, which is also found in rugs from the Caucasus and from East Turkestan, is common in the Tibetan tradition. In Tibet, the medallions are said to symbolise either coins or Buddhist mandalas, while some scholars believe that the three-medallion arrangement is derived from figurative representations of the Buddha flanked by two attendants.

Country of Origin: Tibet

Size: 2'9'' x 5'0''

Age: circa 1930

Material: Wool

Product Code: A10-112

Price: Rs39,000

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