Concentric Circles Uzbek Suzani

Over 60 years old, this suzani has three concentric circular motifs that take up a significant part of the centre. In fact, this piece is covered with embroidery with none of the original base showing. The embroiderery has been done using the bosma or filling stitch. The circular designs have abstract shapes in their borders and, when looked at from a distance, give the impression of a giant flower. With its bright colours and abstract shapes, this suzani is an eye-catcher for anyone who sees it.

Samarkand embroidery has much larger and laconic patterns in comparison with those from Nurata and Bukhara. Samarkand suzanis, typically, have large circular and floral motifs and are very often black and red on a white or beige ground. They tend to be moody, almost psychedelic, and the most visually striking of all the styles.

Suzanis (from suzan, the Persian word for “needle”) are embroidered dowry textiles made in Central Asia. These quilts—usually embroidered with silk on a cotton base—were used to decorate the home, and to cover beds, tables and chests. According to custom, a suzani was started when a girl was born, in preparation for her wedding. Favourite motifs include the tree of life, the pomegranate (a symbol of abundance and fertility), floral patterns with tulips and carnations, and evil eye amulets.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 8'0'' x 8'7''

Age: circa 1950

Product Code: A10-043

Price: Rs89,000

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