Daizangi Kilim with Framed Diamond Design

A rich palette of reds and browns, with purple and pink accents, characterises this eye-catching Daizangi kilim from Afghanistan. The primary shape in the pattern is an elongated diamond within a diamond—a combination that suggests a cat's eye. A small cluster of these diamond shapes occupies the centre of the composition, while the same pattern and colours occur in the widest of the borders, which acts as a frame. Multiple minor borders—dotted with smaller diamonds containing crosses, and more complex tribal motifs, possibly scorpions-are squeezed between and around these two dominant elements.

The unusual geometry and lively colours of this rug render it quite versatile, suitable for living spaces with either contemporary design elements or more distinctive ethnic décor.

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Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Size: 4'8" x 6'5"

Age: New

Material: Wool 30% camel's wool, 70% sheep's wool

Product Code: A78-005

Price: Rs69,000

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