Daizangi Kilim with Window of Diamonds

A rich palette of pinks and oranges, with deep purple, blue and green accents, characterises this striking Daizangi kilim from Afghanistan. The small main field features a bold pattern of diamonds within diamonds. It is framed by two border stripes (featuring stars and diamonds, respectively), giving the impression of a window opening onto a tiled space. The pattern and colours of the main field are picked up in the widest of the borders, while the motifs of the window frame are repeated in the outermost border stripe.

The unusual geometric pattern and lively colours of this rug render it quite versatile, suitable for living spaces with either contemporary design elements or more distinctive ethnic décor.

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Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Size: 4'2" x 5'5"

Age: New

Material: Wool 30% camel's wool, 70% sheep's wool

Product Code: A78-012

Price: Rs69,000

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