"Face Off" Ceramic Wall Art by Pratima Vaidya

This striking graphic of two men’s faces interacting silently but forcefully makes for a very stylish and provocative piece of wall art. They are caught in a moment of reflexion, perhaps, or a wordless exchange between two friends who know each other’s thoughts all too well. The expression, the planes and angles on the faces, all convey a creative vision quite out of the ordinary.

This wall tile is part of a limited-edition series of ceramic stoneware wall art by Pratima Vaidya, renowned sculptor, painter and ceramist. The textured brown frame is part of the tile and a metal ring at the back makes the tile easy to hang.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 9" x 11"

Material: Ceramic stoneware

Product Code: A68-025

Price: Rs6,500

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