Floral and Pomegranate Uzbek Suzani

This particular suzani is over 70 years old. It has two concentric rectangles with small pomegranate motifs at the border, with exquisite designs of pomegranates and flowers carved inside the rectangles. The flowers dominate the larger motif patterns and pomegranates act as filler motifs in them. Brightly coloured orange, yellow and blue, this piece can lighten up any wall adorning it.

Suzanis made in Nurata such as this one, probably take first place in the richness and variety of flower motifs. Distinct, bright features distinguish them easily from the works of other regions. If a suzani shows blooming gardens and boundless flights of fantasy, you can be sure it was made in Nurata.

Suzanis (from suzan, the Persian word for “needle”) are embroidered dowry textiles made in Central Asia. These quilts—usually embroidered with silk on a cotton base—were used to decorate the home, and to cover beds, tables and chests. According to custom, a suzani was started when a girl was born, in preparation for her wedding. Favourite motifs include the tree of life, the pomegranate (a symbol of abundance and fertility), floral patterns with tulips and carnations, and evil eye amulets.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 9'0'' x 6'1''

Age: circa 1940

Product Code: A10-041

Price: Rs99,000

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