Floral Jalli Khiva Ganch Panel

This intricately carved piece is a copy of a ganch-stucco panel in Khiva, Uzbekistan. Created by a ganch-usto (master craftsman) who helped restore the Gur-e Amir in Samarkand, this piece is first hand moulded, carved and then painstakingly painted and lacquered using centuries old techniques and tools. The wooden back has been added to give greater strength and support and a small hole allows for hanging on a hook.

All the designs are exact copies of panels or paintings found in the stunning architectural monuments in Samarkand and Khiva which the master and his brother helped restore. While the master continues to teach and restore architectural monuments, his brother carries on the tradition of making these lovely pieces that share the lace-like ganch-carvings that adorn the stunning monuments of Uzbekistan. He has personally signed every piece.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 19cm x 14cm

Weight: 121g

Product Code: A53-004

Price: Rs3,500

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