Floral Medallion Tajik Suzani

This delightful 60-year-old suzani from Tajikistan features two concentric floral medallions framed by a serpentine border. The yellow floral flourishes in the spandrels seem to keep the white medallion— perhaps representing the wheel of life, or a celestial sphere—in place, and prevent it from spinning out of the frame. Bosma, a filling stitch, has been used here and, as is often the case, it has been made in two separate pieces stitched together. Ideal as a wall hanging, this medium-sized suzani is also suitable as a cover for a small table or as an accent piece on the shoulder of a couch. There is some visible wear owing to its age.

What sets Tajik suzanis apart is the blending of cultural influences from towns and villages. In their embroideries the relationship to their nomadic heritage stands out, with floral and cosmological motifs very much in evidence. There is a major Islamic influence on the designs—with winding leafy stems, absence of humans and animals, and never-ending patterns.

Suzanis (from suzan, the Persian word for “needle”) are embroidered dowry textiles made in Central Asia. These quilts—usually embroidered with silk on a cotton base—were used to decorate the home, and to cover beds, tables and chests. According to custom, a suzani was started when a girl was born, in preparation for her wedding. Favourite motifs include the tree of life, the pomegranate (a symbol of abundance and fertility), floral patterns with tulips and carnations, and evil eye amulets.

Country of Origin: Tajikistan

Size: 4'3'' x 3'10''

Age: circa 1950

Product Code: A62-007

Price: Rs12,500

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