Floral Village Pillow Cushion

This red over-sized cushion has a charming floral print and neat concentric thread work. Created by a village woman for her own use, this piece would have started out as a square and then folded and hand-stitched on two sides to make a pillow.

The cushion is made with ‘cheent’ or a ‘spotted cotton cloth’. Cheent became a rage in France and England in the 18th century and was called ‘chintz’ in the West. Still widely used in villages on both sides of the border in India and Pakistan, the fabric is used for clothing, quilts and other household accessories.

This cushion is sold with the filler and can be used on a divan, on a sofa or pretty much anywhere! Handmade eccentricities and some wear with age should be expected.

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Size: 83cm x 46cm

Material: Cotton

Age: Old

Product Code: A85-031

Price: Rs3,800

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