Gift Cards

Ideal as a present for someone when you're not quite sure what they'd like, or if you are last-minute shopping, Arastan sells gift cards in a number of different values. Full details are given below, but if you do have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to discuss further.

How Do I Buy a Gift Card?

You can buy a gift card in the same way you can buy other items from Arastan. From the list of gift cards available just choose the card you would like and click 'Add to Bag'. You need to give the email address that the gift card will be sent to, and you can also enter a personalised message.

How Do I Use a Gift Card Online?

Once you have received a gift card by email (or if you have one purchased in store), login to your account via my account. (You will need to register if this is the first time you have shopped from Arastan online.) Select the 'My Gift Cards' option and enter the card code from the email to apply it to your account for future shopping at any time. You may do this with any number of received gift cards, and your credit balance will be updated each time.

When you wish to use a gift card, you will be able to indicate this when you view your shopping bag. If your gift card credit balance is less than your total order value you will need to pay the extra using any payment method. If your balance is greater than your order cost then the remaining amount will not be lost and may be used in the future.

Please note that Arastan is not responsible if your card is used without your knowledge or permission.

How Do I Use a Gift Card in your Bangalore Store?

If you have been given a gift card then just bring it with you when you are shopping. If it is a card you received by email then print it out and bring it with you. When you pay for your goods please present the card and we will deduct the balance from your invoice. If the card is worth more than your order then we will update the remaining balance on the card and you may use this another time (online or in store).

How Long are Gift Cards Valid?

Each gift card is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Can I Use a Gift Card at your Bangalore Store?

Certainly. Gift cards purchased online may be used by presenting the printed email, or just the card code from it, when you pay for your order in our store. Similarly you can buy printed gift cards in store, and these may be redeemed online or at the store.

Can I Use Multiple Gift Cards?

Yes. The values of all cards on your account are added together to form your gift card balance, and you can redeem it at once, or on multiple occasions, as you wish (subject to card expiry as mentioned above).