Green Uzbek Suzani Seater with Cushions

This Burma teak and Uzbek suzani seater is outstanding in terms of design and colour. The low seat made from Burma teak is attractively carved and will last for years without ever losing its sheen. The centre panel of the fitted seat cushion, as well its narrow sides, are from a vintage Uzbek suzani.

The stylised and abstract representation of nature in this suzani brings to life cultural symbols and icons that have been passed down generations of nomadic Uzbek women.

The two panels on either side of the central suzani, as well as the four cushions that come with the seater, feature a polka dot design. If you look at the cushions closely, you will find that the smaller cushions feature green polka dots on a pale mauve background, with suzani piping. The larger cushions feature the same colour scheme but in reverse: mauve polka dots on a pale green background. This combination gives the whole ensemble a very pleasing and cohesive look.

A suzani (from suzan, the Persian word for “needle”) is a type of embroidered dowry textile made in Central Asian countries. For centuries, nomadic women from these regions used lush silk threads to embroider them on a cotton base. According to Uzbek custom, a suzani was started every time a girl was born, in preparation for her wedding. The suzani is not just a special part of Uzbek culture and art; it is an important element in the nation’s life.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 108cm x 47cm, 28cm height

Product Code: A01-025

Price: Rs23,000

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