Handwoven Ikat Silk Cushion

This combination of lively colours will draw the eye wherever it’s placed; the pattern was inspired by the swinging movement of earrings. Uzbek ikat has an amazing variety and expressiveness of patterns and colourful design, and looks like a canvas painted by a refined colourist. The ikat effect is achieved by applying bindings, that are resistant to dye penetration, to the threads in the desired patterns and then dyeing the threads.

The piping on this cushion is of Uzbek bekasam, with the burgundy element in the weave being echoed by the backing of burgundy Indian silk. The ikat itself is a 50% silk 50% cotton mix, and the cushion filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 31'' x 14''

Product Code: A01-134

Price: Rs4,500

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