Handwoven Ikat Turkmen Embroidery Cushion

The burnt sienna, strong black and subtle beige of the handwoven Uzbek ikat fabric on this cushion is enhanced by the magnificence of the Turkmen embroidery. This finely embroidered example of akkaima, one of the basic types of Turkmen embroidery, is used mainly at the neck of dresses and shirts and the lower edges of women's trousers. As well as on articles of clothing such as tyubeteykas (caps), the neck and sleeves of women's dresses and the lower part of trousers (seen from underneath the dress), Turkmen women also embroider different kinds of small bags used for keeping domestic items.

The backing of this cushion is Uzbek ikat, and the filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 14'' x 14''

Product Code: A01-111

Price: Rs2,000

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