Hmong Embroidery Moroccan Sabra Silk Cushion

This cushion has shades of blue Moroccan Sabra silk on two sides with handmade borders along two edges and a centre patch of Hmong embroidery. Sabra silk, or cactus silk, is a luxurious fabric made from fibres of the Aloe vera cactus grown throughout much of Morocco. The embroidery patch in the middle is from women of the Hmong tribe in northern Thailand.

Traditionally, Hmong embroidery is used as a form of decoration on clothing to make it bright and beautiful. Bright colours abound: pinks, reds, greens as well as blues, and these are sometimes used to contrast with the colours of yellow, and brown overlaid with white.

The back of the cushion is of the same Sabra silk as the front. The cushion filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 12'' x 12''

Product Code: A01-146a

Price: Rs2,400

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