Ikat Table Runner - Natural Indigo

Natural indigo dyed ikat made by rural artisans in the Savannakhet Province of Laos. Belonging to the Phu-Tai ethnic tribe, these women are generational experts on all aspects of cotton processing – from ginning to spinning, indigo dyeing, and 'mutmee' – a tie-dye weaving technique. Interestingly, the Indigo dye is made from fermented leaves and shoots of the abundantly growing 'kharm' plant. Its making is an ancient art, steeped in fascinating myths.

Although originally designed as table runners, we've had customers use them in various ways, and several have told us that they make excellent scarves!

Country of Origin: Laos

Size: 14in x 73in

Product Code: A39-001H

Price: Rs1,750

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