J2 - Apple Green/Apple Green

Jaipur’s J2 collection is a study of form, style, and grace. All of the designs in this collection are trendy and modern, but possess an appeal that will span generations. Hand-knotted by master artisans in true Tibetan style with 100% New Zealand wool and art silk accents, the J2 collection is an artful experience that excites the senses and expands the depth of every colour in your décor. J2: Masterful.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 5'6" x 8'6"

Age: New

Ground/Border Colour: Apple Green/Apple Green

Construction: Hand Knotted. 80 lines/linear foot

Material Used: Hand spun wool + Viscose

Pile: 8mm

Product Code: A13-035

Price: Rs64,500

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