Kaaba Kiswa Samarkand Ganch Calligraphy Panel

"Those who visit the house of Allah and pray there will always be supported by him” says the inscription on this beautifully crafted calligraphy panel. As is customary, pieces of the Kiswa – the cloth covering of the Kaaba in Mecca – are presented as gifts by the ruler of Saudi Arabia to various dignitaries. This particular panel is a copy of the piece presented to the President of Uzbekistan. It is painstakingly hand-moulded, carved and painted, using the same centuries-old techniques and tools that produced the stunning ganch-stucco carvings seen on Uzbek mosques and palaces, and is the work of one of the few remaining ganch-ustos (master craftsman).

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 10.5cm x 21cm

Weight: 130g

Product Code: AR0181

Price: Rs4,000

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