Karen Ring Flower Necklace

A velvet cord and pendant necklace entirely handmade by the Karen hill tribes from the remote mountainous region of Chang Mai, Northern Thailand. Drawing design inspiration from the natural environment they inhabit, the Karen painstakingly roll, shape and engrave their jewellery using traditional methods with the simplest of tools.

Prized not just for their workmanship, the Karen people work with silver much purer than sterling silver (92.5%). The solder used to fuse pieces together is what prevents their metal work from being close to 100% silver. It is this high purity that makes the metal more malleable, enabling the women to create intricate designs. Karen jewellery has a distinctive weight, matte sheen, and satin finish that only comes with use of such rare, fine quality silver.

Country of Origin: Thailand

Size: Pendant 7cm x 2.5cm, Necklace Length: adjustable

Weight: 13.2g

Material: 95-99.9% pure silver

Product Code: AR0274

Price: Rs3,000

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