Kayseri Kilim Long Cushion

The fabric for this cushion was made from a kilim woven in the legendary town of Kayseri, once the capital of Cappadocia, famous for its mushroom-shaped rock formations better known as fairy chimneys. This kilim has a beautiful geometric reciprocal pattern of the kocboynuzu, or ram's horn motif and elibelinde, the mother-goddess motif enclosed within a repeated pattern of hooked diamond medallions in a range of vivid oranges, deep brown and soft beige.

According to ancient Anatolian folklore, the combination of ram's horn motif and elibelinde represents male and female fertility, suggesting that this kilim may have been woven as a dowry piece. The beautifully matched rust backing is made from quality upholstery fabric. The filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 44" x 25"

Product Code: A01-187

Price: Rs14,000

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