Konya Cicim Kilim with Double Elibelinde Motif

In this striking kilim from Konya in central Anatolia, the field is covered entirely by a honeycomb grid, where each hexagon contains a double elibelinde motif. The elibelinde (hands-on-hips) motif represents a mother goddess figure and is a symbol of fertility and abundance.

The raised surface of the thread used to create the motifs can easily be mistaken for embroidery. In fact, the patterns are created with a supplementary weft (usually using a thicker yarn) interlaced into the fabric during the weaving process. This technique is known as cicim in Turkey.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Size: 3'10'' x 5'3''

Age: 40 - 65 years old

Material: Wool

Product Code: A76-014

Price: Rs30,000

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