Konya Elibelinde Carpet

Made in the Konya region, this cheerful carpet distinguishes itself in its liberal use of colour and the repeated appearance of what could to be the ‘hands on hips' or elibelinde (mother goddess) motif. In addition to motherhood and fertility, the elibelinde symbolises good luck, fortune, destiny, bliss and joy.

A closer look at the carpet reveals, two thin, deep blue borders and a thicker mustard border that frame a rectangular red field within which is a double hexagon central medallion in blue and beige. The allusion to the elibelinde is everywhere, especially noticed in the middle border and further stylised in the red field where it occurs six times at both ends. The bright colour palette, intriguing design and creativity of the weaver make this Konya carpet special in more ways that one.

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Country of Origin: Turkey

Size: 3'6'' x 6'9''

Age: 50 years

Material: wool

Product Code: AR0321

Price: Rs60,000

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